Buy a Home Perfect For Entertaining

Buy a Home Perfect For Entertaining

It’s the holiday season, which means at some point you’ll probably be entertaining in your home in the next few weeks. If you’re somebody who enjoys being a host, then it’s important to think about that when you’re searching for a new home. Here’s what to look for if you want to buy a home that’s perfect for entertaining your family, friends, and loved ones.

Sizable kitchen

No matter how warm and welcoming your home is people always seem to congregate in the kitchen anyway. If you want to live in a home that works well for parties, then make sure it has a sizable kitchen. You’ll want enough room for guests to mingle while still leaving you space to prepare food and drinks. A kitchen island is a definite bonus, as it allows you to create a spread that your guests can nibble on.

Guest bathroom

If you’re planning to regularly host, then it’s advisable to buy a home with a guest bathroom on the first floor. Think about it – do you really want people parading through your bedroom to use the master bath? It’s also a good idea if the guest bathroom is removed from the main gathering area. A little privacy goes a long way to making your guests feel comfortable.

Outdoor space

Ample outdoor space is a must if you like to entertain – especially if you live in a warm climate where you can use the space year round. Having a nice space outdoors allows your guests to spread out and get some fresh air. It also gives you the ability to dine under the stars when the weather is nice, or to host a family barbecue. If you’re in an area where rain is a regular occurrence, look for outdoor space that is at least partially covered.

Good flow

Open concept homes have been popular for some time now, and they’re great if you love to host. Having a large space where all your guests can congregate can make a party feel lively. But don’t worry if your home doesn’t have an open concept, as long as it flows well from room to room. Look for floor plans that make it easy to move around. Small rooms can be great for inspiring intimate conversations so don’t be afraid of homes that have rooms that are on the small side. As long as your guests can move around and there are plenty of places to sit, you’ll be fine.

Adequate parking

Finally, there’s one aspect of the home you need to really consider for entertaining and that’s the parking situation. Ideally, you’d be better off having a large driveway that could accommodate several cars. If street parking is necessary, be sure you understand what the parking regulations are. Do you need a permit to park on the street? If so, that could become problematic when you’re hosting more than a few friends. Also consider how busy the street is and how easy it is to find parking nearby. If parking is a challenge, you’re better off finding a different place.

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